Arduino Controlled Record Player

panGenerator Installations At Kultura 2.0

This rocks my socks off.

Already, record players are interactive devices – when the sound comes out, you shake your booty in whatever manner is socially appropriate at that point in time.

The installation Chasing Cormorants by panGenerator requires a different kind of physical engagement.

How does it work?

The innards of an antique gramophone have been replaced by an Arduino board. An overhead webcam sends a live feed to a concealed laptop, where a tracking application written in openframeworks then transposes the movements of people nearby to determine the speed and direction of the vinyl record.

The result is that an old Polish classic comes to life.

On-the-fly remixes emerge simply by people running around and around. Check out this video to see it in action:

I’m reminded of Niklas Roy’s awesome little robotic curtain, another project where DIY programming was used to transform an everyday object into an engaging farcical whimsy.

For Chasing Cormorants, panGenerator’s Jakub Kozniewski and Piotr Barszczewski held the electronics and mechanism together with a whole lot of tape. Perhaps the next incarnation will take advantage of Ponoko’s Personal Factory 4, where you can build complete electronic products from the inside out using this Arduino guide.

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