a beautiful cacophony

Thanks to Edgar’s comments on the recently posted 3d printed water pump, we can also enjoy this magnificent musical device.

The Cybraphon is hobbled together out of antique instruments, machinery and knicknacks that may be familiar from your local junk shop.

In a true example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts;  the Cybraphon is actually an interactive performance robot. Deep inside there is a computer running custom code that monitors the web, updating Cybraphon’s “emotions” according to how its popularity is changing over time. Tracking Google and all the usual social networking sites, each mention has an influence on the music that it plays.

A review in a local newspaper, for example, will almost certainly radically change the mood of the installation – and hence the music it plays – soon after it appears. However, Cybraphon is an insecure, egotistical band. A good review will cheer it up in the short term, but once the initial excitement dies down it will soon become disillusioned if its fame does not continue to increase…

Where is the Cybraphon now? Hopefully it is still churning out the tunes.

If interactive performance robots are a bit out of your depth, you can always build your own one man band with Ponoko’s 2d and 3d digital manufacturing technologies.

Cybraphon thanks to Edgar

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