3D Printed Water Pump

This 3D printed pump really works!

Anyone who has ever tried to 3D print something mechanical will know that this pump is pretty impressive. Moving parts are a challenge in and of themselves, but a working mechanical device, especially something like a pump, is quite a feat.

This mini centrifugal pump is still a prototype, but it shows a lot of potential. If you want to try to improve it or use it in your own project, you can download it from Thingiverse as an open source 3D model. And now that Personal Factory 4 is up and running you can have it 3D printed with Ponoko in wide variety of materials!

Via Thingiverse Blog

Now that’s a good idea for a water toy, too, with the shown water flow’s strength…

I Just told it on the Thinghiverse Blog:

… if you really want a far-fetched use for it, have it printed on Stainless Steel, and use it as an air blower for a Micro Coal Furnace for the World’s Smallest Aluminum Foundry!

Here’s what could be a good Ponoko theme music:

Guy Blashki

This is brilliant – and is that Sugru that they’ve used to hold the bits together?!?
Combining 3d printed mechanics with Sugru could bring in a whole new world of DIY manufacturing possibilities.

Please use ‘Durable Plastic’ if you use Ponoko.
Please use ‘White Strong and Flexible’ (or similar) if you use Shapeways. O

You might want to impregnate it with CA/Superglue if you do it using those flexible/porour materials.

The Shapeways ‘Robust’ materials will work great.

Updated design coming soon to use no Sugru/glue 😛 [Sugru = Lazy]

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