Mars Rover Build

watch a WoodMarvel come to life, right before your eyes

We recently featured the Mars Rover: Opportunity, another laser cut wonder from WoodMarvels. Joining forces with Hines Design Labs, Jon and Angus have done a fantastic job in documenting the assembly process.

Hit Play on the video above to see the laser cutter go through its paces, and watch as over 200 pieces emerge from the sheets of Birch ply.

There are more insights to be had over at the WoodMarvels blog, with two more clips featuring the assembly both as photographs and Jon’s signature 3d animation.

Follow through to the source and I think you’ll agree with Jon’s declaration:

There is just something cool about seeing a model come to life using precision technology.

Yes, Jon. There certainly is. Now how do we fend off those imaginary Martian hordes… surely there is a WoodMarvel for that!

Via WoodMarvels