Cave Grave for Dead Websites

lasercut in polycarbonate for posterity

I’m sure many of you would agree that because the internet has become so important in our lives, it is only proper that there should be a place where we can go and pay our respects to dead websites.

In their third Manual of Architectural Possibilities, experimental architecture group David Garcia Studio proposed an installation for a dead website archive in the Munižaba cave in the Velebit mountains of Croatia.

Selected sites would have their contents lasercut into thin, polycarbonate sheets and would be “arranged chronologically, placed directly upon the topography, lit by LEDs and visited as one would a library, or a forest.”

Within the a bridge-like building inside the cave, a visitor could photocopy an entire website archive or project it on the wall.

Although this project is an exercise in imagination, preserving the ephemeral virtual world is a legitimate endeavor undertaken by organizations like the International Internet Preservation Consortium, the Web Archive, and Library of Congress.

via PSFK via DPR Barcelona

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