Beautiful Modeler

Gestural sculpting – from iPad to 3d printer

Karl D.D. Willis over at Interactive Fabrication has shared this interesting exploration into gestural sculpting tools for digital modelling.

The code for Beautiful Modeler and companion software Beautiful Controller were written using openFrameworks. Together, these two programs transform your workflow by taking advantage of the wireless connectivity of the iPad as well as those fancy motion detection and multitouch capabilities. The result is a fluid and intuitive modelling process that puts keyboard shortcuts to shame.

The software is also able to export the finished mesh as an STL file, all ready for your favourite 3d printer.

Check out the source article where you can see a video of the software in action, in which the following object (a negative of the Beautiful Modeler form) is fabricated using a plaster based 3d printer.

These explorations join the recently featured Unfold virtual pottery wheel in a vision of how digital manufacturing technologies can incorporate the physical world into the earliest stages of the design process.

Beautiful Modeler via NotCot

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