Unbox, Build, Print — Review of the RepMan 3.1 3D Printer

3D Printers Australia sets up a RepMan Kit

3D Printers Australia brings “all the best information from the world wide 3D Printing industry to the Australian industry”.

They’ve got a blog with lots of 3D printing videos, and their most recent post is a review of the RepMan 3.1. In their conclusion, the two guys report “All up the RapMan took us a good 12 hours to assemble with 2 people working on it but once it was complete it was up and running and printing decent parts with out any adjustment with factory settings. That in itself says a lot.”

“The build process is a little more complicated than a Makerbot mainly due to the scaffold frame design however its not any harder, it just takes more time to assemble. …The Makerbot cupcake CNC is around half the price of the RapMan but your only getting a 1/4 of the build size so if you want to print parts bigger than 100 x 100mm its worth having a good look at a RapMan.”

If you’re thinking of getting your own 3D printer, be sure to check out 3D Printers Australia’s full review. And don’t miss the Step By Step Guide to Building a MakerBot Cucpake CNC 3D Printer.

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