Insights from the SolidSmack Polls Archive

polling product designers

3D CAD focused site SolidSmack has an interesting archive of its reader polls. It offers insights from dedicated CAD designers and readers on what’s popular with this group.

For example, when asked:
“What Mix of Programs Do You Have in Your Product Design Arsenal?”
52% answered SolidWorks, 34% Photoshop, 24% AutoCAD, 22% Illustrator and so on. Now, SolidSmack focuses on SolidWorks a lot, so you have to understand the results are coming from dedicated SolidWorks users. But still, it is interesting to see what software 3D designers find to be crucial.

Another interesting question was:
“What topics about 3D and Design interest you the most?”
Nearly half of the 163 voters answered “Design for Manufacturing” while only 20% responded “3D Printing,” just one vote away from “Beginner Tutorials.”

And one that delivers on male stereotypes is:
“If You Could Design Anything With 3D What Would It Be?”
Vehicle Design was the #1 choice with Weapons, Toys, Machinery, and Robots all fewer than 10 votes from each other.

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