from Lenovo laptop to retro gaming cabinet

When it comes to custom PC case mods, there are few who can match the character and finesse of Dean Liou’s creations.

Having put his tinkering days behind him to pursue other ventures (amongst other things, he’s the guy behind the nifty little gogostand), Dean recently emerged from case modding retirement with this: the Lenovo ArcadeDock.

Nestled inside the half-height retro styled arcade cabinet is a late model Lenovo laptop. An authentic arcade joystick and array of buttons round off the gaming experience, while a USB keyboard with trackpad is hidden beneath to control the PC’s more familiar functions.

Click through to see a video of the unit, including some Street Fighter II action and a closer look at the cabinet’s more notable features.

The high impact graphics almost complete the retro feel – perhaps all that’s missing here is a coin slot so that the cabinet can authentically swallow all of your quarters (or ‘twennies, as we used to say in AU).

If you like what you see, you can support Dean in the Lenovo modding competition by voting for the ArcadeDock. There are many more videos in his detailed worklog for those who like to get in deep.

Your own games night may also be within reach – sketch out a design like Dean did, fire up the Ponoko laser cutters to build yourself a cabinet and kit it out with hardware from SparkFun.

via Engadget

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