Cheap or Free 2D CAD

Some affordable 2D CAD programs for preparing files for Ponoko.

Most people use programs like Illustrator or its open-source cousin, Inkscape, to prepare files for laser cutting with Ponoko. These programs make it easy to start using Ponoko Make, but if you’re trying to design something precise, their limitations quickly become apparent. They’re illustration programs, not 2D CAD or drafting programs. Fortunately, there are some excellent 2D CAD programs that won’t break the bank.

CLICK HERE for reviews from Desktop Engineering of a range of affordable and free options.
CLICK HERE for another set of reviews from Buildlog.Net of completely free programs.

After preapring your file in one of these programs, you can import them into Illustrator or Inkscape and place them on one of our templates.

If you’re looking for an open source 3D CAD program, take a look at our post about FreeCAD.

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Anyone else having problems with draftsight converting to SVG wrong?

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