DIY Wooden Quadrocopter

Minnesota State Fair awards second place to home made flying machine

Helicopter fans can start with the basics, thanks to Jon from WoodMarvels. But if your DIY bones are aching for something a little more involved, then Greg “Grease” Lehman’s quadrocopter should set your spirits soaring.

Recently awarded second prize at the Minnesota State Fair, Greg adapted plans from a kit called the Roswell Quadrocopter to produce his wooden flying machine. The original calls for foamcore, but this time around Greg used a CNC milling machine to shape timbers including ash, oak, walnut and paduak. Electronics incorporated into the design mean that it can hover automatically and even fly to set GPS coordinates. You can, of course, pilot the vehicle yourself as well.

If you like what you see, then go ahead and build one of your very own thanks to Greg’s thorough documentation on Instructables.

Chances are that many of the parts you’ll need can be sourced from Ponoko’s SparkFun catalog, and don’t forget to fire up the laser cutter for all of the structural components.

When you follow through to the source link, there is a bit of a discussion flowing about just what it was that proved impressive enough to beat the wooden quadrocopter to be awarded first place. If only Greg had added some friggin’ laserbeams, he might have taken out the top honours.

Via Engadget

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Kristen Turner

Oh Minnesota State Fair… WIth your award-winning corn and butter sculptures of highschool dairy princesses.

Guy Blashki

Oh my.
Now that is quite odd indeed!

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