Ponoko Custom(er) Love

Kind words from customers on two of our awesome employees.

We recently received a letter from Ponoko customer Amanda Bradham exclaiming, “I would like to take a minute to tell you how wonderful one of your employees has been to work with! His name is Josh Judkins.”

And last week there was a tweet from customer Adam Meyer in praise of our own Catherine Field-Dodgson saying “Just placed my first order with Ponoko. I haven’t seen this level of service over the internet in a very long time.”

Josh and Catherine are Ponoko’s residential community managers and total heros.

You may remember my earlier post about how the digital making movement is all about individual attention. Well, individual attention is Ponoko’s business model in more ways than one — all thanks to Josh and Catherine’s reputations for truly sincere and dedicated customer service.

Getting back to customer Amanda’s note, she goes on to write “It seems I’m not as proficient at Illustrator as I would like. Josh really took the time to explain the steps, and even went as far as to send me instructional screen shots of my design and what I needed to do to fix the error.

Some companies and some employees wouldn’t have taken the time nor been as kind and understanding about my frustrations of fixing the issue. I was ready to throw in the towel, waive the white flag and cry uncle, but he wouldn’t let me… ”

That’s not just good customer service, that’s like being a client relationship concierge-guru. A big thank you to Josh and Catherine. We love you!

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can we all have a josh and Catherine fan club moment please. Both of them are all kinds of supportive and amazing

I have to agree, you guys are more than awesome. This is how businesses should all work. That personal touch makes all the difference. A big thumbs up from me.

Ponoko has done alot of work building trust with its new/repeat users and Josh and Catherine are a huge part of it. I’ve experienced several examples of outstanding customer service at both the NZ and US hubs. Keep it up!

I can attest to this as well! Josh and Catherine are two very big reasons why I enjoy using Ponoko so much! I’m very glad to see them both get some much deserved praise. 🙂

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