CNC Milled Displays

Don’t buy generic displays for your unique creations–make your own.

Arthur Hash (previously mentioned here) recently made these displays for his work out of particle board using a CNC mill. I don’t think particle board has ever looked so good. Displays tend to be an afterthought to a carefully considered product, but the right display can set you apart. More importantly, a generic display can make your product look, well, generic. After spending countless hours perfecting a new, unique product, why wouldn’t you make it look the best it can?

Notice how the aesthetic of the displays match his work. This is the main advantage of making your own. You don’t have to compromise with a boring, commercially available display. Hash even made a white Plexiglas insert (last image) to use with certain pieces. This way he can use the same displays with a wide range of his work.

CLICK HERE for more examples of CNC in action.

Via The Art Escape Plan

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