Distance of Fog

Using perforations to see without really seeing…

One of the great things about objects with holes in them, is that you can see through to the other side. When clever designers take this simple physical reality and put their own twist on it, the results can often be quite striking.

Japanese architects from studiogreenblue have been getting some well-deserved attention for their Distance of Fog house. Rather than separate spaces by solid walls, they have used multiple layers of perforated metal. The effect when looking through from one room to another is said to be reminiscent of seeing through a thick fog.

With the recently featured barrier grid optical illusions, the question was raised as to whether these approaches can be translated into physical structures. Although the studiogreenblue architects had a different objective in their design, it is interesting to see similarities emerging in the finished outcome.

See more of the house (including plans and concept sketches) at the source article.

Via Monogocoro

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