Make it 3D – Paper Spheres

Amazing spheres made entirely from paper using tabs.

This incredible sphere, dubbed the Elastica Light, is one of many from flickr user Prof. YM, a professor of architecture in Japan. They are made entirely out paper using tabs to hold the pieces together. After the jump there are several examples which include images of the individual pieces to give you an idea of how they are made.

To furthur our goal of helping you make amazing products,  this post will be the first in a continuing series focusing on the challenge of transforming 2D material into 3D objects. Since laser cutters can only cut flat sheets of material (well, there is an exception), many people have trouble pushing into the third dimension.

This series will include instructions, helpful tips, and inspirational examples of projects that have been particularly sucessful at making the transition from 2D to 3D.

And now the pictures!

CLICK HERE for more great lighting.

Via flickr

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Guy Blashki

These are fantastic. What an incredible series; quite an inspiration.
I’d love to see the flow-on from others, once they wrap their heads around using paper in this way… it makes me wish I was a student again!

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