How to find SparkFun electronics on the Ponoko site

find what you need amongst 1,500 items

Search is always a key thing online. When Ponoko teamed up with SparkFun to provide electronic hardware in the materials catalog, it meant that you could now build an entire product – inside and out – right here at Ponoko.

So how do you go about finding exactly what you want amongst over 1,500 hardware items?

Every page on Ponoko (other than the blog) has a Google Site Search feature awaiting your pleasure at the top right-hand corner.

So let’s say you are after an Arcade Joystick for your retro gaming cabinet. Simply type arcade joystick into the Site Search, and you’ll be shown a list of matching components.

Some of you may know exactly which piece of hardware you are looking for. If you know the SKU identifier of the product, enter it into the Site Search and you’ll be spared from seeing broader results such as links to related products and even blog posts.

joystick SKU search

Sometimes browsing through the catalog can also be worthwhile, even if it is just to get your head around the myriad of options that are available. But don’t forget that the Site Search will take you directly to your components, especially if you have those SKU codes handy.

If you’re still not sure what’s going on, the Hardware and Resources FAQs will help to make sense of it all. Game on!

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