Mysterious Laser Cut Objects

I don’t know what these are, but I like them . . .

Both the flickr page and website for Depart only lists these as “laser cut objects,” so I don’t know what they are for (maybe jewelry?). Regardless of their function, they are beautifully designed, and they show the potential of lasercutting extremely thin parts.

Keep in mind you will probably have a couple failures with broken pieces before you find exactly the right thickness. Look at the “test cuts” image on the pages for each material offered by Ponoko to get an idea of how thin each material can be cut. Our post on the amount of material burned away by the laser could also be useful.

There are more images after the jump.

Via flickr

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So, it’s possible to cut something like that all in one piece? In the first piece, the background of the sun-like object in the middle is cut to a different depth than the sun, and than the edge around it, which also has a border which is cut to a shallower depth. I knew that you could cut and that you could etch, but I didn’t know you could have such a wide variation in the depth of the cut!

Taylor Gilbert

No, these must be cut in two layers and then glued or something. Using the first piece as an example, the hair-thin border looks like vector engraving, but I think the object is made in three pieces–the back plate, the “sun,” and the thick rim around the “sun.”

Thanks, Taylor!

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