Barrier Grid Optical Illusions

Create Your Own Mesmerising Illusions

Had enough of your mundane reality? How about spicing things up a bit with some simple home-made optical illusions.

We recently mentioned an infinity mirror how-to from Youtube illusion guru Brusspup. While a number of his clips caught my attention, there was one in particular that stood out – another how-to; this time explaining the mysteries of Barrier Grid Illusions. Watch the video above for a good snapshot of this optical novelty.

Following in the footsteps of Rufus Butler Seder, this effect is remarkably easy to achieve using the most basic of Photoshop skills and your own home printer.

What gets my mind ticking over though – is the thought of how this could be taken further with a bit of Ponoko etching and laser cutting. Just like Rufus has done in numerous public spaces, imagine creating dynamic optical features as installations and artworks… or even incorporating these effects into your next laser-cut product!

Learn exactly how to create Barrier Grid Illusions of your own after the break.

More magic on YouTube from Brusspup.

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thank you.
running to do some myself!

Dear Luca:
I appreciate your kind words about my Scanimation(r) work.
However, the word “Scanimation” is my own trademarked word and refers specifically to my own patented technology.
The “how to make” videos you have posted were not made by me, and should be referred to as “how to make picket fence animation” or “how to make barrier grid animation,”
but NOT “How to make Scanimation.
I would be very grateful if you would remove the word Scanimation from the title of your Sept. 22 blog.
Again, you may use the word Scanimation when directly referring to my work, just not when referring to anyone else’s barrier grid/picket fance work or videos.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and again, thanks for your kind words about my work.


Rufus Butler Seder

Guy Blashki

Rufus, thanks for getting in touch.
Many apologies – corrections have been made to the content and post title.

Your exceptional Scanimations are certainly in a league of their own!

Great video! The technology itself is about 100 years old. You can see on our noir greeting cards which use the same principle.

I made a file in Blender that will help cut up and combine your frames of animation for you. You just put the 5 images that make up your animation in a particular folder, load the blend file in Blender, then hit “render”. Full instructions are included in the zip file at the link below.

Have fun!

The actual name of this animation or illusion is called Picket fence.

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