3d Light Painting

Making Future Magic – Printing With Light In Three Dimensions

WIth a goal of exploring playful uses for those ever-pervasive glowing rectangles that many of us lust after, Dentsu recently teamed up with Berg London to produce some remarkable imagery.

The usual run of things when it comes to light painting is to take a glowing object and wave it around in front of a long exposure camera frame. This time, however, things get quite a bit trickier. Static images are animated and combined using some clever technical know-how… it’s not something you can just knock together in between commercial breaks.

Here is the simple version:

we drag the iPad through space… and extrude the light out into the photograph

The execution was not so straightforward in reality. Each frame consists of a long exposure photograph of 3-6 seconds. During filming, 5,500 photographs were taken of which approximately half ended up being used for the final production.

An enlightening video follows after the break.

Even though some familiar principles are involved, this is quite a departure from the regular talk about 3d printing here at Ponoko. And as for the iPad… well, when it does appear it is more about letting you know what you can do to win one.

This light painting exploration from Dentsu and Berg is a great example of how creative boundaries continue to be pushed when these devices get into the right hands.

Be sure to click through to see more photographic and light painting experiments from Berg Studio on flickr.

Via Solid Smack

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Guy, would you please say more about “those ever-pervasive glowing rectangles that many of us lust after”?

I might lust after one if I knew what it was!

Guy Blashki

Hello Linda… that was a reference to the Apple iPad.
So, do you want one? Perhaps you are already basking in the cool glow of the iPad screen, fingers swishing back and forth across the smooth surface…

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