Modkit + Ponoko + SparkFun = Easier than ever

Drag And Drop Interface Makes Arduino Coding  Accessible To All


There has been a bit of talk lately about the new partnership between Ponoko and SparkFun. It is certainly getting people excited… but for some, the idea of incorporating electronics into their laser-cut products can be a little daunting.

This techno-fear is soon to be a thing of the past, thanks to Modkit – a new kind of graphical programming environment that is designed to enable ‘ordinary people’ to design, build and program interactive projects.

What is an ordinary person? Well, in this context we are talking about people who don’t have backgrounds in engineering or computer science (although those guys would probably appreciate their programming environment getting a nice overhaul!).

The Modkit project is receiving a good response over at Kickstarter, much to the delight of founders Ed Baafi and Collin Reisdorf. They have put considerable thought into making this work, and when you check out the video walkthrough after the break, you can see that it does indeed make a whole lot of sense.

So before you dismiss Arduino programming as something for only the more serious of tinkerers… stop to consider whether you’d like to see motors, sensors, lights and sounds incorporated into your own designs. Chances are that if you can visualise the end product, then pairing up an Arduino board with the Modkit programming environment will soon see your dreams become custom product reality… and it’ll happen quicker and easier than ever before.

Learn more (and maybe even pledge your support) at the Modkit project on Kickstarter.

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Kristen Turner

Great coverage, Guy.

Guy Blashki

Thanks Kristen. It is great to see developments like this, where DIY projects become accessible to even more people.

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