Infinity Mirror How-To

Knock together your own portal and lose yourself in distant dimensions

Posted on YouTube by user Brusspup is this quick overview on how to build your own Infinity Mirror. Using LEDs and a bunch of other materials you probably already have lying around at home, this impressive effect is deceptively simple to reproduce. He even says so himself…

Extremely simple concept with stunning results. The illusion may look complicated but it was really very easy to make.

Sure, there is a touch of 1980s novelty chic about objects like this… but perhaps that is exactly why we like to see them so much.

Comprehensive instructions have kindly been included at the video source, so now there’s nothing stopping you if your mind has already started ticking over. There must be a nice way to combine this refractive technique with some of the offerings in Ponoko’s Materials Catalog.

So what exactly do you do with an infinity mirror, once you’ve had enough of gazing into the illusionary distance? In a nice touch, this particular magic mirror was given away to a lucky YouTube commenter.

Via SolidSmack

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