Makerbot Cyclops 3D Scanner

Turn physical objects into digital 3D models with this inexpensive tool.

Makerbot has just released the Cyclops 3D Scanner Kit, offering an easy way for people to set up their own 3D scanning system. Combining 3D scanning and 3D printing makes it incredibly easy to duplicate objects. It’s like a 3D Xerox machine, except you can make some clever improvements to the model before printing.

Make new and improved versions of everything you own! And if you have a Makerbot you can use the brand new Automated Build Platform to make a whole army of duplicates. If this was a sci-fi movie this is about the time the machines would rise up against us . . .

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The Cyclops is a laser cut structure designed to hold the necessary electronic hardware in the correct positions, but the electronics are not supplied with the kit. To be perfectly honest, it’s basically a small box with a shelf, so you could conceivably design something similar yourself. But for the $40 introductory price, there are probably more exciting ways to use your time. Besides, the real advantage of using a system like the Cyclops is that many other people will be using the exact same thing, making it easier to troubleshoot and exchange ideas.

Here is the electronic hardware needed to complete the scanner. The projector and camera together cost about $200 from Amazon.

I recommend looking through the documentation before ordering one to decide if the technical hurdle of the software is more than you want to deal with. If you’re interesting in setting up a 3D scanning system, be sure to check out our previous coverage of the DAVID Laserscanner software.

Via Makerbot Industries