New Version of Inkscape Released

Inkscape, the open source vector graphic editor, has some great new features.

Version 0.48 of Inkscape was released a couple weeks ago with a few new key features. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator. While it doesn’t have as quite many features as Illustrator, it’s still a robust program. It also has the undeniable advantage of being completely free. Learn more about Inkscape in the FAQ.

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New Features:

  • New controls for the text tool including superscript, subscript, line spacing, letter spacing, word spacing, horizontal kerning, vertical kerning, and rotation
  • The ability to edit multiple paths at the same time
  • A spray tool to “spray” multiple copies of objects
  • The ability to take advantage of multi-threading processors when using the Gaussian Blur filter, which speeds up performance

Download version 0.48 now!

Don’t forget Inkscape can be used to prepare files for laser cutting with Ponoko Make. Download the Inkscape starter kit for the templates. Also take a look at the Using Inkscape blog category.

If you’re curious about the development of Inkscape or why this version is “zero point . . .” instead of “one point . . .” even though it’s a stable release, check out this behind-the-scenes interview.

I tried Inkscape but it simply isn’t there when compared to Adobe Illustrator. Even with the steep price tag of the Adobe product, it’s worth it regarding saving time and efficient tools to get a project done fast and right the first time.

I’ll wait till it hits version 1 before giving it another try… all it gave to me last time was frustration… but it will eventually blow Illustrator out of the water as it’s evolving at a far faster rate.

Jon @

What in particular do you find lacking compared to Illustrator? I was trained on Illustrator and used it for over a decade, found Inkscape, and can now do most work in half the time. It was so awesome in that regard for me that I became a contributor to the project. If you have suggestions for improving it, please let us know, we’re always open to feedback of all types (you’d probably find it easier to request a feature and get it implemented in Inkscape than you would Illustrator too).

Also, version number is meaningless for most of our users. Our version numbering is dependent on how much of the SVG specification that we support, not on how feature complete Inkscape is as a vector graphics editor (I’d put it at least at v5 there).

ScislaC @

The interview I mentioned in the post has some more explanation of the version numbers. As ScislaC mentioned, the fact that they have not reach 1.0 does NOT imply that it is not a production-ready program. The interview again:

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