It’s almost here… AutoCAD for Mac

Native Mac Version Due for October release

After the rumours, screenshots and videos we saw a few months ago, it seems that CAD-loving Mac users are in for a treat by the time October rolls around.

Some sixteen years have gone by since AutoCAD last branched outside of those cosy confines on Windows systems. Along with a version for Mac that will be priced at the same level as its Windows conterpart, there will be free iOS viewers for both iPad and iPhone that will enable users to preview designs and make minor changes.

The release of AutoCAD for Mac will make things interesting in the world of digital manufacturing as well, with 3d printing now a part of the AutoCAD export arsenal.

So for many creative types who can’t resist the Apple allure, there will soon be one less reason to dual boot those shiny OSX machines.

via MacRumors with even more info on MacWorld

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