Ultimaker – the new 3d printer on the block

Seeing stars with the Elserbot prototype in action

Many of us have been quite impressed with the potential and indeed the reality of the game changing 3d printers from Reprap and Makerbot. Well, hold on to your stepping motors – there’s a new kid in town.

A bunch of clever Dutch guys are sharing their progress with the Ultimaker Elserbot, giving us a glimpse of the next generation of affordable 3d printers.

So what makes the Elserbot so special? There are a few things, but two more notable features are the impressive build envelope and the stability of the extruder head during printing.

Continue through for a video of the latest prototype in action.

You’ll notice that there is no extruding going on here… rather, a ballpoint pen has been installed to visualise the print path.

Major components and assembly are streamlined through clever laser cutting, while the real magic lies in the speed and accuracy that has been a focus for Eric de Bruijn and his fellow designers Martijn, Jeroen, Siert and Joris.

Taking the best features from our familiar favourites, there is much potential here and it will be great to follow the team’s progress on the Ultimaker blog.

You can read more thoughts on this new direction in affordable fabbers over at Makerblock.

Brilliant..! And it’s very musical too..!!! Devo eat your heart out…


Guy Blashki

Perhaps once this printer is up and running, there can be an mp3 release of different objects being created. Each track can correspond to a form that has been printed… and then to get things really twisted, print out some musical instruments to play along with!
It could be a whole new musical revolution.

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