Exposing a Photograph With a Laser

Laser drawings on photo paper by Eno Henze.

The Human Factor, a collection by Berlin artist Eno Henze, explores the idea of drawing as a collaborative process between the artist and the machine. The pieces consist of photo paper exposed with a computer controlled laser to create elaborate compositions. (Correction: The first and last images in this post are traditional digital prints, not laser drawings. Eno developed the laser drawing machine in order to ensure that each piece would be unique while still retaining full control over the process.) The bright colors have many nuanced shades which I’m sure do not fully come across in these images, but they’re still impressive.

The closest thing to these pieces I can remember seeing are the two examples of laser engraving and processing we covered recently here and here. Has anyone seen someone else working with photos and lasers?

There are plenty more beautiful photographs after the jump.

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Very beautiful indeed…

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