AR Plugin for SketchUp and 3d Max

Augmented Reality Plugins Bring Your Models To Life

Many of you have been using Sketchup to build your models for manufacturing with Ponoko. Thanks to a new plugin called AR-Media, you can now view your handiwork before taking the plunge into laser cut or 3d printed reality.

It is pretty impressive to see the way that the animations can move beyond the printed tag in the above clip.

How do you think this would change your workflow with Ponoko?

Click through for an example using a furniture concept, with a bit of jazz fusion thrown in just for good measure.

Although it is usually used for architecture and large scale models, I think that augmented reality visualisations like these could really get interesting when some of our Ponoko laser cut jewellery designers jump on board.

Learn all about the AR-Media plugin at Inglobe Technologies

Source: Digital Urban

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At about 400$ for the 3DS Max version, it sounds like a good deal but some of this functionality, actually… much of it, is already available in 3DS Max from the get-go. Though, it is a little more complicated, nor realtime as this seems to show. For ease of use, I’d say this is very clearly a front runner though.

Jon @

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