Laser Cut Salmon Lamp

ichthyo-illumination from Furniture Gang

Portland based Furniture Gang, a branch of the Framework Design Collective, showed off their salmon lighting design as part of Ponoko’s display at SF Makerfair earlier this summer. The Gang’s blog walks you through the design and prototype process, and the final product is available in their Ponoko showroom.

The first prototype experimented with laser cut mdf veneer and plexi. The latest version features wonderful little salmon spot lights. The lamp functions as either a hanging or table lamp.

Two versions of the Salmon Light are available for sale. The self-assemble kit is $105, and the fully assembled version is $350. Want a custom lamp? Furniture Gang is “happy to design any plant or animal you may have in mind.” Or make your own lamp with Ponoko.

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This lamp is very beautiful!

Jon @

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