Laser Party

Well THAT was awesome!

Billed as a party from the future, the recent Laser Party hosted by Design Glut and NY Designs saw all manner of fun and games emerge from one action packed evening.

People were invited to submit ideas for laser cutting and laser etching to be produced for free as a part of the event.

The outcomes give a taste of the creativity and fun that ensued; and I mean that quite literally –  click through to see the laser cut ham sandwiches…

Ham Sandwiches by Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew, byAMT

…and here’s Why:

Because we have a laser, and we want to see the coolest, most unconventional stuff that designers can come up with to do with it!

A laser party is a fantastic idea, and the guys at Design Glut and NY Designs seem to have made a great night out of it. Keep an eye on the Design Glut blog, they’ve promised more photos from the fun and games at the party.

Food design popped up recently in the June Design Competitions Listing, but I don’t think they meant anything like this. Currently, Ponoko doesn’t supply smallgoods for your own laser cut creations but you will still find plenty to work with in the materials library.

Laser Cut Party at Design Glut

NY Designs


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