Algebra Tiles & Robotic Brushes

recent Instructables from frenzy

Instructables intern and computer science major under the nickname frenzy recently posted a couple of projects — one tackling the teaching of algebra and another tackling a city sidewalk.

Algebra Tiles uses lasercut acrylic pieces to visually demonstrate perfect square trinomials. It’s an interesting to way to approach algebra in a more geometrically representative way.

If you’re one of those kids that naively complained “I want to learn something that’s going to help me in real life”, there’s a new Instructables for you, too.

Giant BristleBot is like a robotic broom made with “fast spinning objects and high torque motors.” The designer calls his robot a “death bringer” but it reminds me a lot of that scene in Sword in the Stone where Merlin cleans up a big mess with magic.

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