Song Wood Mixed Species Wood Composites

Material Monday: reclaimed wood fiber composites

Engineered Timber Resources specializes in composite wood materials made from the post-industrial waste fibers.  Song Wood is a mixture of up to seven different wood species. Various factors — the arrangement of the fibers, the color, the cut, and the coating — in the manufacture create a wide selection of composite results.

In addition to using waste fibers, ETR also offers a beautiful range of wood composites made from Mulberry Trees.

Above are three materials all using Mulberry Tree fibers. The material on the left is constructed with fibers cut horizontally; the center image shows a composite with the fibers cut vertically, and the image on the right is an example of a dye-infused material.

Engineered Timber Resources mainly works on custom commissions, and no sheet material prices are available. ETR accepts serious inquiries via email and phone.

Note: Song Wood & Mulberry are not available in the Ponoko materials catalog, but Prime members can make material requests.