Peter Hennessey’s Laser Cut Hubble

Have you ever wanted your own Hubble telescope? Peter Hennessey laser cut one.

My Hubble is a new piece by Australian artist Peter Hennessey. This life-size model of the Hubble telescope is made entirely out of laser cut plywood and steel, and he used Illustrator to lay out the parts for cutting. Your last Ponoko project doesn’t look quite as impressive now, does it? But to put things in perspective, this massive endeavor took Hennessey 3 months to construct, 6 weeks of which were taken up with cutting  the parts and preparing for the final assembly.

By ‘re-enacting’ space travelling, scientific and military objects in plywood, galvanised steel and canvas, the artist creates ‘stand-ins’ that allow the viewer to contemplate their physical, symbolic and historical resonances as well as the political processes that they represent.

These projects are the largest things that I have ever seen laser cut. Check out our preview coverage of Paperself paper eyelashes for the smallest thing I’ve ever seen laser cut.

Hennesey’s past work includes life-size recreations of the Voyager and the Lunar Rover that you can see below.

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This guy is doing what I’m slowly working my way towards doing as well. Amazing work though I’d do it completely out of wood, not using any steel to re-enforce it.

Jon @

I’m not 100% certain of this, but I think the steel was only used for hardware and and a few details. I believe the structure is entirely wooden.

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