Makerbot Shadow Sculpture

makerbot shadow

Orthographic Shadows From Makerbot Print

makerbot shadow

Here’s a different kind of project from Thingiverse member Trevor Shannon. One of the first outcomes to emerge from his shiny new Makerbot, the product here is not the 3D print itself but rather the shadows that are cast by it. Inspired by an interesting book cover, he has made a pretty good reproduction using an acronym that’s a little closer to home.

3d print shadow

The outcomes produced through digital manufacturing processes are often forms that dazzle in their intricacy and complexity. Sometimes, however, it is the shadows that these objects cast which brings them to life.  Trevor’s work is the latest example. In the past, we’ve also seen shadow play in Louise Campbell’s laser-cut lampshade, and the intriguing lighting products from sha-do.

Defining a form by the shadow that it creates presents a different challenge for the designer. When you consider the array of materials available from Ponoko, together with the precision and control made possible by laser cutting, there is real potential for some spectacular outcomes.

It is still early days for Trevor and his Makerbot, but if the MIT Shadow and his nifty desk cord holder are anything to go by, it will be interesting to watch as his catalogue of creations grows. Enjoy more at his personal website.

Thanks to Make via Monogocoro