Memory Weights: Concrete USB Stick

concrete usb stick

Solid Storage Set in Stone

concrete usb stick

Now this is a seriously weighty approach to data storage. Making great use of one of the more accessible DIY techniques – casting – RCA student Shu-Chun Hsiao has merged the casting of concrete with the world of high-tech products. We have previously seen concrete combined with steel to produce elegant jewellery. The outcome here may not appear quite as refined, yet the rugged presence of the Memory Weight does well to set it apart from your everyday USB storage device.

concrete usb scales

In a whimsical twist, the volume of data storage which is branded into each unit actually corresponds to the physical weight of the block.

Challenges to portability aside, this may be one of the most interesting twists in USB storage since the ever so clever USB eraser.

Via Yanko

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Interesting idea but not very practical… unless you need both a paper weight AND a USB stick in one!

Jon @

Well its certainly different and whilst there are loads of whacky ideas out there for custom USB sticks this is a first so congrats on coming up with the concept. I guess there will be a few companies in the construction industry that it might appeal to.

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