Laser cut something tiny. Really tiny.

Hi, I’m Taylor Gilbert. I’ve just joined the blogging team here at Ponoko.  I’ll formally introduce myself and tell you a little about me later, but right now I want to show you something I just found.

Paperself makes a line of cut paper eyelashes inspired by traditional Chinese paper cutting. I’ve seen laser cutting used for things as large as wall panels and furniture and as small as jewelry, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used for something so tiny and fragile.

As the name suggests, Paperself’s entire product line is made out of paper. Their motto is “This is the beginning of a paper revolution.” Their product line includes a seat/coffee table, a lamp, and these minuscule eyelashes. They’re an excellent example of the surprising range of what you can do with a single, simple material.

What’s the smallest thing you can make with laser cutting? Try making something really tiny with Ponoko.


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Welcome to the Ponoko Team, Taylor!

These paper eyelashes are fantastic, and I love the challenge to Ponoko users to make something really tiny themselves.

To help out I just wanted to provide a couple of tips to help people ensure their designs are not *too* tiny. Make sure to take into account the amount of material burned away by the laser.

Even better, change the weight/width of your cutting lines to the appropriate ‘burnt away’ value (eg 0.2mm) and then print your design out on paper. You’ll then get a sense of how much material will be left, and whether it might be too fragile.

Once again – awesome post Taylor, and I look forward to seeing what Ponoko users come up with for tiny designs!

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