Lift Hold & Roll

Get your design shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC with Future Perfect

The Future Perfect will be curating an ICFF show called Lift Hold Roll. The concept is based around three mechanical products that are essential to the process. These three objects are a pulley, a clamp, and a caster. The idea is to utilize any one of these objects in a finished project. You can use as many of the one object that you have chosen. The Future Perfect will provide you with one object of your choosing.

Criteria for submission:
-Short description describing your product and how you will use the pulley, clamp or caster provided
-A rough sketch of your idea
-concepts are due by 3/31/10
-final product are due to the store 5/1/10

The Future Perfect was born from the desire to showcase the newest and best in decorative arts and design. At once it is a store, shop, gallery and mecca, mixing talent from New York and the world. Founder Dave Alhadeff recognized that too much design seen in magazines or boutique windows relied on cleverness but, in the end, had no lasting or intrinsic beauty. In Brooklyn, things were different. Its designers were on to something fundamental and exquisite. In September of 2003, the store opened, celebrating local products and furniture with a party. Alhadeff’s Dad flirted with Williamsburg girls and made hot dogs while his Mom worked the register and made the sales. Soon after, The Future Perfect was alive and stocking up on designs and names from all over.

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