KITTY KLIMBER by Catter Wallin’

Flat Pack for the Feline……

The Kitty Klimber shelf provides a purrfect feline transition point and is an excellent limited floor space solution. The Kitty Klimber is simple to assemble, easily mounts on walls and is made from eco-friendly materials.

Companion Kitty Kozy shelves (larger platform) are available in the Catter Wallin’ Showroom. And the Kitty Korner shelf (corner retreat) is currently in the prototype/design phase and will soon appear in the Catter Wallin’s Ponoko Showroom.

Kitty Klimber Features:
– Cat friendly space with zero floor footprint
– Made of 100% renewable Bamboo
– Simple no hardware assembly
– Easy wall mount with two screws
— Pre-drilled vertical holes for residential wall stud mounting
— Two wood screws provided (one 2-1/2 inch & one 2-inch)
– Laser cut edges cleaned and inspected prior to shipment
– Environmentally friendly Felt shelf pad available at additional cost

Catter Wallin’s listed price includes the Kitty Klimber shelf, Assembly and Mounting Instructions, Mounting Hardware and FREE U.S. Shipping.

If you’ve read this far, then you must be animal lovers, too. Catter Wallin’ pledges 10-percent donation of our sales dollars to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Catter Wallin’ also firmly supports eco-friendly sustainable living.

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If I read the page correctly, the large shelf is $150 USD? And a single felt pad is $35? I’ve put up up three large sustainable DIY cat shelves covered in reclaimed carpeting for under $20 total. Good design but overpriced?

Perhaps we should not be selling designs for the cost of materials alone, but for our time, ideas and style. Oh, and 10% goes to APCA.

check out competitor products such as

I can make a cheep dinner for $5 but i like to go out to a restaurant becuase i appreciate the skill of a good chef.

I could draw a picture with some crayons and hang it from my wall for under $5. I can also buy an art work or print becuase i appreciate the skill and artistry in it.

the same goes for beautiful designs like this, yeah i could knock something up. But for something that looks beautiful, is impeccably made & strength tested it seems a very reasonable price.

Hello All & Thanks for your comments.

The pricing of our Catter Wallin’ products takes many factors into consideration. The base price is comprised from the material and making cost associated with the Ponoko process – Which, without Ponoko, Catter Wallin’ would be a dream on a scratch pad.

Catter Wallin’ focuses on quality sustainable materials and simple design. The Kitty Klimber & Kitty Kozy require zero tool assembly, include mounting instructions and hardware, and the shipping is FREE.

We hope you continue watch our showroom and appreciate your time and consideration extended to Catter Wallin’ products.

Thank You
Catter Wallin’ – Green Kitty Places for Small Spaces

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