Customizable Cardboard Cot

Delivered flat-packed, very easy to assemble, the Customizable Cardboard Cot with large wheels to make moving it easy, is one of the weirder flat pack products out there. Comes with a 3 – 4 cm thick mattress and complies with all the safety and comfort standards you would expect for a baby’s bed. You can decide to keep it plain – simply stamped with the brand’s logo on the side – for the super chic industrial living look. Or you can customize it, paint it, or simply decorate it with your child’s name.

So it may feel a little weird to put your new born baby in a cardboard box, the in-laws may look on in horror as their adorable grandchild is placed tenderly in the recycling and cleaning burped up milk off of paper products may not be the most practical solution, but it is kinda cute. Available form Little Fashion Gallery for 209.03 € this may be a cheap(ish) cot, but it is a very expensive cardboard box. Not sure that you can really call writing on cardboard with a crayon customization though.

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I’ve gotten some really nasty paper cuts from cardboard in my time. 🙁

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