Five Stars Cardboard Hotel

Kueng Caputo get artsy with hospitality.

Four luxury cardboard suites are available at the conceptual Five Stars Cardboard Hotel by design duo Kueng Caputo. Each suite features a cardboard bed, pillow, and laser-cut decor. The Cardboard Hotel debuted a few years ago at the Salon Satellite and recently offered fatigued art lovers a place to rest at the Miyako Yoshinaga gallery in New York.

While the Classico Romantico, Italian Lover, and Sogni del Bambini all sound tempting, I think I would book the Bosco in Hawaii. LEDs shining from laser-cut palm fronds and tropical cardboard flowers! To see all of Sarah Kueng and Lovi Caputo’s “pop-up interiors” visit the Keung Caputo website.

via Shelter Pop

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