Hello Europe – Come and get it!

You wanted more affordable shipping to Europe. It’s here.

A making hub up and running in Germany has put a huge dent in shipping costs for Ponoko enthusiasts across Europe.

Check out these example savings on shipping a P1 size of 3mm thick plastic sheet of material:

Ship to: From NZ From USA From Germany
Berlin, Germany $61.00 $59.90 $9.16
Paris, France $61.00 $59.90 $16.12
Amsterdam, Netherlands $61.00 $59.90 $16.12
London, England $24.40 $59.90 $22.49
Barcelona, Spain $61.00 $71.90 $28.65


In a nutshell, if your shipping destination is Europe you will get the lowest cost shipping and products with the smallest carbon footprint if you make and ship your products from the new German hub.

How to get products made and shipped from the new German hub
First, set your country preference to Germany (instead of USA or NZ) and accept Formulor’s new terms and conditions (they are different from Ponoko’s terms of use).

Then, create a new product in one of two ways:

1) Upload a design and add materials (just like you have done previously). Easy as.

and / or

2) Change the materials of an existing design tagged with a NZ or US flag. To do this you click on the product image, click on ‘View details’ of the materials attached to this design. Use the ‘Delete’ button to remove the previous material, and then add your new material chosen from the Formulor catalog.

Your new product will be tagged with a German flag indicating it will be made and shipped from the new German hub.

You can change your country preference at any time
You can make and ship products from any hub simply by changing the country preference before you add materials to a design. In effect, the only thing that determines whether a product is made and shipped from the USA, NZ or German hub is where the materials are sourced.

A note for Prime subscribers
Please note that Ponoko Prime is limited to Ponoko-owned making hubs, not those owned by others like the new German hub which is owned by Formulor. As a Ponoko Prime user, you will pay the same rate for Formulor services as everyone else. We will, however, continue to offer Prime at the US and NZ making hubs.

Now 3 materials catalogs to choose from
Ponoko shows the USA materials catalog by default. You can view the New Zealand and German materials catalogs by using the US/NZ/Germany toggle button at the top right hand side of the materials catalog.

Go to it!
This is just one more small step in our bringing you the future of making – it’s online, it’s digital and it’s local. This means it’s easy, it’s communal and it’s green.

We really hope you enjoy the changes. We’ve worked really hard to get to this point and we’re super charged to see what you think about them.

And remember you’ve got a good reason to choose Germany now – check out the new shipping rates to Germany and the EU!

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This is a great development… fantastic work guys!

Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

We are SOOOOO Happy.

Let the dancing and drinking in the street commence!

Troy in Florence

How is there only a $2 difference between shipping from Germany to UK than from NZ to UK?

m2 disseny

great news!!!
congratulations guys!
marc (in palma)

I’ve been so excited about a making hub in Europe, but as a Prime Member I am really disappointed that we don’t get any benefits with the new system. I will be canceling my Prime account since there really is no reason for me to keep it. I probably wouldn’t have signed up for Prime at all if I had known.

Cool this is defiintely a step forward and great news for Europe.

Is Ponoko planning on owning any hubs in Europe in the next year? I’m just wondering whether it’s worth keeping my prime membership.

Great new. Unfortunately for me, If I understand correctly the German Hub ships with GLS, which is notorious here in Switzerland to take a little $30 USD fee to bill $8 USD value added tax… Why not simply ship with “Deutsche Post” ?

Excellent news! My prototype will now see the light of day….. Yay!

I agree with Felix, I order ocasionally electronic componets to Germany and they charge from 3€ to 7€ to Spain (Deutsche Post), and works great they last a week or so but for hobbyst I think it’s worth having that option too.

Thanks guys for the tremendous effort in opening an european hub.

This is great news indeed. Maybe there are teething problems though, because I have an design cut from two sheets of P3 4mm ply in new zealand, total cost (including shipping) about $200, whereas it tells me it’ll cost me $330 just for one (1) sheet from Germany, cut from 3mm ply. Seems a bit odd!

$30 to ship to Spain ? Are you people jocking ? prffff

Great news – I’ve been waiting for. I’m really disappointed about the shipping costs though – they’re not much lower than shipping from NZ!! Think you need to look at your shipping methods again!

Thanks to all of you for your comments. We really appreciate each of you taking the time to provide feedback on our initial Europe announcements.
You have all helped to make it clear what elements both we and Formulor need to look closely at in this early stage, as well as things for Ponoko to consider as we continue to expand our digital making network.
The reason your feedback is so valuable is that what we are currently announcing is the beginning – not the end – of this new phase in Ponoko’s development and our commitment to help those in the EU and the UK (as well as the rest of the world) to make and sell their own designs.
The big challenge we have ahead of us is weathering this transition from owning & operating making hubs to being the service which also connects you to a host of digital making service providers around the globe.
Clearly, the question of how to make a subscription service like Prime work in that scenario has not yet been answered, and we’re sorry to those who have been left disappointed due to that. This is currently on the drawing board.
Regarding shipping, all of the costs quoted are direct from Formulor’s existing provider. For those of you who are based outside of Germany, shipping prices will lower over time, and as more hubs open across Europe costs will continue to plummet on a country by country basis.
As for shipping to the UK specifically, the reason that this actual cost is not much less than those from NZ is that we have been subsidizing the price of shipping to the UK from the NZ hub – and will continue to do so until a local hub opens there.
To sum up, thank you for embarking with us on this time of change. It’s been a mammoth effort to get this kicked off, and as I say – we’ve only just begun.

Euphy (UK)

The shipping is a little lower, but the actual cutting cost through Formulor is double what Ponoko charge. This will only become worthwhile when there’s some competition in Europe – at the moment I couldn’t afford to support the most local hub. From Ponoko’s point of view, I’d be very afraid that this amazing increase in price will emphasise to new EU users that they simply can’t afford laser cutting (they won’t necessarily know that it’s cheaper to get it from New Zealand).

    Thanks for following up on this Euphy. As I’ve jus mentioned on one of the other posts – especially for Prime members in the UK such as yourself, it certainly will be a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of using each of the currently available hubs. The big factor to keep in mind – as you note – is that this network has only just begun. When a hub is added in your country, then shipping costs will really lower significantly.

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