The Latest News on 100kGarages

Named one of the top 10 business ideas for 2010 by Springwise, 100kGarages is an experimental project in digital fabrication and the creative maker community. Over 150 fabrication facilities are registered on the Fab Map and the job board continues to grow. A recent update at the 100k Garages blog shared some exciting news on what the ShopBot and Ponoko crew have been up to.

• Easy Cut: “…simplifying CNC routing the way that Ponoko has done with laser cutting.”

• Project Testing: “…something that will give Makers that want to be more involved in the fabrication process the ability to test a design’s “cutability” before sending it to a Fabber”

• More Digital Tools: more tools will be added once the processes can be streamlined and there are enough educational materials available on the site

• Connecting Makers with Designers: A project section for the site will serve as a showcase for designers, promoting their digital fabrication skills to makers looking for help on their projects.

Keep up with all the progress at the 100kGarages blog. They’ve also got a call for ideas for a museum installation going on right now.

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Dennis P. McGrath AIA

Great idea!

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