Fancy Cardboard Box Lamp

just may be my favorite laser-cut lighting design ever

Gold and silver paint turn these cardboard lamps by Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio into a glamorous statement of simplicity and sustainability. The Flamp table lamp is made from laser-cut cardboard and polypropylene. A cable and socket comes inside each Flamp box. And best of all, it’s on sale at Design Code for just €30. If you find metallics too outlandish, there are also black and white versions with a variety of polypropylene colors.

Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio is an independent collective of young creatives under the direction of thirty-six year old Tsunoda. From their base in Barcelona, HTDS produces a range of furniture, lighting, and design objects for the home. Jump ahead to see a selection of CNC and laser-cut designs.

The Boulevard bench is a rocking chaise made from CNC cut and laminated wood that gradually gets thicker in the center for extra stability and comfort.

The Chic Lamp series features shades laser-cut with a season specific design. Above are the the Fall and Spring shades.

Twenty-two bottles can fit in this rainbow rack of laser-cut steel.

Above is the Shann laser-cut, acrylic chandelier from 2004.

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Hmmm… wouldn’t an incandescent bulb inside of a cardboard (or plastic) box present a heck of a fire hazard? I’ve burned my fingers several times as a child trying to unscrew a burned-out bulb. I did notice they no longer sell them in the EU with them BUT it doesn’t mean somebody won’t try. Feel free to set me straight.

Jon @

Kristen Turner

Yeah, I dunno. Maybe that’s why they’re on sale. The site recommends using a CFL, but you’re right that someone might use an incandescent. So these lamps are glamorous and dangerous, even better.

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