Karma Kraft: Custom Printed Textiles

3 Steps to DIY Printed Fabrics Starting at $20 Per Yard

Update 5 Sept 2011: We’ve received a few messages from people saying that they have been charged for Karma Kraft orders that they never received. No one from the Ponoko blog team has ever ordered from Karma Kraft; this blog post is just information from the Karma Kraft site.

With Karma Kraft you can upload and print your own designs on: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Polyester, Rayon, Suede, Ramie, Hemp or Wool. But if there is a specific fabric you need that they do not have listed here we can get it for you and print on your new fabric base. They can quote you the total printing cost per square yard using your chosen fabric before you order. If you choose a special “non-stocked” fabric for your order they do require a 20 yard minimum order.

You can upload any image, a photograph, a scan or a design you have already edited. If your file has not been “cleaned” we can clean it for you and prepare it for printing. After you upload your design you will be directed to Step 2. At that point you can choose the repeat of your pattern, the material you would like to print on and the amount you would like to order. You can also choose to have us cut and sew some items if you wish. We can make a pillow, pet bed, scarf, tablecloth or an appreal item. Just give us the required size you need and we can cut and sew it for you. After Step 2 is complete you will be directed to Step 3 which you can review your oder and buy your custom fabric. That’s it, 3 simple steps.

Karma Kraft uses traditional fabric dyes and digitally prints on a multitude of fabrics at a factory in Hangzhou, China. It can turn an order around in about a week.They also offer special designer and student discounts and larger quantities they can offer a discount if it is the same pattern. Karma Kraft offers cut and sew services examples include handbags, pillows and shopping totes.

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Hi Csven

Spoonflower have been mentioned by Kristen on the Ponoko Blog at http://blog.ponoko.com/2009/02/09/centerview-spoonflower/

Karma Kraft does have a larger range of textiles, and has a cut and sew service.

Not sure if Spoonflower offers this too?


Kristen Turner

wow. I love Spoonflower too, but the materials list for this one is great.

I’m currently test driving the KarmaKraft site. Thanks for the info here.

I use Spoonflower too.

So far I’ve found that the prices are higher, and a little misleading on KarmaKraft. They price their material by the square yard, not by the yard. This means that one yard of a 60 inch wide material, for example, is not the price you might expect. 1 Yard of a 60 inch wide material is actually 1.67 square yards.

I also found their interface to be buggy. I was charged the minimum shipping for each item on my order list, and not for the whole order. For example, their minimum shipping is $12 for under a pound. I had two things on my order, which together should be under a pound. I was charged $12 twice, once for each thing. I was also initially charged incorrectly for a product same (charged $8 for a $5 cost), which after a reset of the form reverted to the proper $5 price.

I did very much like their choice of fabrics. Their selection surpasses Spoonflower’s choices in terms of scope. On KarmaKraft you can get silks, satins, and faux suedes.

That’s my take.


Jay Trolinger

Has anyone heard from KarmaKraft lately? I sent a re-order for some silk scarves about a month and a half ago and never got confirmation from them. My credit card was charged, but they’re not returning email and their phone message box is full…which seems a little ominous!
What do you think?

Kristen Turner

@Jay I haven’t actually used KarmaKraft. I’ll tweet out this post and see if we get any responses.

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