Cardboard Cockroach Robot

UC Berkeley student creates DASH

The cockroach is a notorious survivor, and the latest robot from the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at University of California Berkeley is following in the insect’s six footsteps. Built by graduate student Paul Birkmeyer, the Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexpod aka DASH is laser-cut from a single sheet of polymer sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. It can be made for less than fifty dollars and put together in under sixty minutes. The completed robot can scurry across the surfaces, climb objects, and survive plummets of 28 meters.

Professor Ron Fearing, head of the lab, believes that further work on DASH will result in even more durable and capable robots that can act as first responders in situations of disaster and crisis considered too dangerous for people.

This 3 minute video shows DASH in action.

via via SF Gate

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