The End of I.D. Magazine

The news is a couple weeks old, but I thought I would let the Ponoko world know that I.D. Magazine, the oldest product design magazine in the US, is calling it quits after 55 years. The final issue will be out in January.

The official release listed the dwindling print ad revenue, the specialized needs of I.D.’s readers, and the wealth of information available for free as reasons for closing publication. I can understand the disappointment; I was a little let down when Domino folded. But the only time I ever buy a magazine is when my flight is unexpectedly delayed.

I’m always tempted — at the grocery store, wandering Barnes&Noble. And every time I think “I could get that online for free.” I even have a basket full of fashion, design, and interior images I took off the web and printed in good quality on my Epson. The funny thing is, I would actually prefer to flip the pages of a magazine than scroll those of a website. If magazines were free, I would support them! : )

Any thoughts? Does the demise of the print industry bother you? Do you think we are losing more than just a physical medium of information? Or do you welcome the shift to digital and (mostly) free sources?

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Interestingly enough, I sell more digital copies of my books than physical print ones, the reasons seem obvious to me, immediate access upon purchase (no waiting for shipping), cheaper reproduction costs (nill) and much higher profit margins as it costs the same to send one as it does to send thousands.

I’m working on my third WoodMarvels book actually and I’m debating whether to even bother offering a printed version for shipping via Amazon at this point.

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