180 Free Files on Ponoko

Just Some of the Items Shared for Free on Ponoko
free on ponoko
I did a quick search to see what free files Ponoko users are sharing in the Ponoko showroom and was quite impressed with the range of designs available with 180 available for download/use with Ponoko. Some are quite good, others not so well resolved, but the point is these people are putting their ideas out there to be shared, improved, made and admired.

The images above include the following, in no particular order represent just 10% of what is currently available…

When Pigs can fly
Clear Plastic Death Zeppelinâ„¢
TID cheering fans dmc Go Team Fred
Ponoko Niftymitter 0.1
Hokusai Laptop Stand-ponoko
Cantilever Laptop Stand
Lens Mount P1
MakerBot Industries Cupcake CNC Lasercut Parts
PETG foldable box
Open Source Robotic Arm
5UP Pencil Sharpener (EPS)
Elephant Table Ornament
Cellphone Holder Wallplate.Eps
A Single RepRap 3mm Extruder
Summer Haiku
iPhone Document Scanner eps file
Moonman Eps

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Kristen Turner


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