Make Your Project Waste Lego-Compatible

laser-cut blocks by clothbot


Andrew Plumb aka clothbot recently posted files at Thingiverse for making pieces that interlock with traditional Lego bricks. (Perhaps inspired by the recent Muji collaboration?) Plumb asks “Getting some designs laser cut and wondering what to do with the unused space? Why not fill it with something fun like Lego-compatible blocks?” The files haven’t been tested yet, but the project should be coming to Ponoko soon. So maybe Plumb will update us on how these turn out.

And speaking of Lego, who does not want the awesome Police Headquarters? I was seriously debating on it at Target last night, but decided on Super Mario Bros Wii instead.

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I started down the Lego-compatible path waaay before I heard of Muji with my “Lego-Compatible Disc Buttons” (see It’s just a really handy way to design things that join without needing bolts or glue!

I’ll post pictures to Flickr & Thingiverse when my test print comes back. 🙂


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