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Sharing Downloadable Designs
shopping Zen
Shopping Zen AKA Josh Reuss has been busy in his Ponoko Showroom with a wide range of products (as previously mentioned on Ponoko blog) including 12 plans that are free to download, modify and produce under an Attribution Non Commercial license as part of his Free File Friday……
Along with the free files he has available for download, he also has a few plans for sale, as well as his Biohazard Coasters in orange acrylic for just $19.99.

Sharing your designs is a great way to get some attention to your Ponoko showroom, as well as getting the chance for some valuable feedback on your designs, also if anyone improves your designs, you can use that improvement in your future iterations as holder of the copyright.

For more info on different license options check out Creative Commons

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Wow, thanks for posting about Free File Friday! It’s a bit of a personal experiment for me. I’m trying out this regular release of free designs for a few different reasons.

Doubter: I hear about this “freeconomics” and don’t really believe it so I wanted to try first hand and see for myself if it’s actually worthwhile giving away my time.

Sell Myself: I occasionally do paid file setup and design help for other Ponoko users and jobs through Ponoko ID. I thought a collection of free plans would give people a good idea of files I’ve worked on.

Less Waste: I wanted to see a collection of smaller free designs that other designers could grab and place in extra space on materials they’ve already ordered. Things like business card holders and other small designs that are focused on being cheap to cut.
I also have some free designs in the works that will let you easily cut up the shipping boxes into things like re-loadable cat scratchers:)

Help Beginners: Be a resource for people new to Ponoko and possibly vector based programs in general. Mundane objects that people can personalize and use as starting points to test out online manufacturing. Let them personalize by adding cuts and raster fills but allowing them to worry less about the pieces fitting together.

Have Fun: I try to minimize the amount of time I spend on the files so they are a fun way for me to sit down at the end of the week and spend an hour.

Let us know in a few weeks how everything goes Josh, I have a few old blueprints I put up for free on my own site as well, yes, people go for those first but the transition from free to paid hasn’t been impressive enough to warrant me spending time making more of them.

Jon @

Best of luck Josh.

Great to see you are using Ponoko from every angle, I wonder how much people seeing your designs for free in your Ponoko showroom influences their opinion to trust you when looking for help with file set up or Ponoko ID???


Kristen Turner

I’d like to see the finished product of the whiteboard moon. It’s a very good idea.

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