Trim the Tree with Ponoko

turn brooches, pendants, coasters, and necklaces into holiday ornaments

It doesn’t have to be called an ornament to work on the Christmas tree. Any decorative thingy you put a hook through is perfectly suitable. I’ve scanned the Ponoko showroom for household items and jewelry that would make great tree trimmings. And these are ornaments that don’t get packed up for next year; they are gifts right off the tree.


{1: Snowflake Coasters come in sets of 4 for $24.  {2: Squiggle Necklace would look just as lovely on the tree. $20.  {3: Bamboo Pendant will melt hearts. $28.  {4: Pollen Pendant is a tree topper show stopper. $245.  {5: Concentric Coasters are a new take on the traditional ball. $13—$25. {6: Chair with Mice adds Charles Dickens charm. $27.  {7: The Twisted Tree brings deciduous decor to your conifer. $24.  {8: Christmas Ornament Blanks are 100% free for the plans!  {9: Chromatophobic’s Pendant looking sharp. $15.  {10: Forge Necklace is perspex perfection. $25.  {11: Trophy Deer Necklace = xmas stag party. $18.  {12: Orangeblossom Felt Coasters lets that spruce bloom. $25.  {13: Moustache Pendant gives your tree a jolly grandpa personality. $1.99  {14: Child Silhouette Pendant; the holidays are all about the kids. $18.  {15: Orchid Necklace is a treasure on or underneath the tree. $90.

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ooo thanks for featuring me.
and it’s true, jewellery makes for great Christmas decorations, and then for the other 11 months of the year you get to wear it.

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