Textile Republic — Patterns from the People

half-drop your way to a $1k


Textile Republic offers digitally printed products and a way for independent designers to win a thousand dollar payment plus a 5% royalty contract. The company uses a crowd-sourcing model to solicit original pattern designs for fabric and wallpaper products based on a competition theme. There is a new contest theme about every six months, and submissions are voted upon by registered users.

The current contest theme is completely open and ends 1 December.

Along with voting, registered users can also leave comments underneath each design. This provides a thread of feedback which is, at the very least, useful for gauging the popularity of your work. With over 2,000 designs entered since the site launched in the spring of 2001, the gallery of patterns is also a nice inspirational resource. But as anyone who has ever worked in the textile design industry will tell you, “inspiration” has a broad interpretation when it comes to churning out patterns for the corporate machine. I would keep this risk in mind before uploading your entire portfolio in hopes of just one of your patterns scoring the $1k and royalty deal.

Below are the previous winners for which the risk paid off.


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